Founded on Founded Before Time

31 Dec, -∞

Location The Moon
Focus Squishing Bugs
Super group Yes
Admins Security Warrior:

Alpha Testers:

devBUG is an official group dedicated to alpha and beta testing of new site features and bugs solving, reporting.


  • The description says it was founded before time (31 Dec, -∞)
  • Instead of super group it says it's a pro group until the universe implodes. (instead of till hell freezes over)
  • Location is listed as the Moon and the group focus as Squishing Bugs.
  • Lists members with x10, says it has no watchers and pageview number is with a minus - and ridiculously big.
  • None of these features are available to choose from when creating a group for a regular user.
  • The group has an Alpha Tester badge and Brush Lover badge.

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